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Affiliate Software

Affiliate business is very much becoming the first choice of a home base business. People who are looking for some side income may love to start on with this type of business. At Daani Software we had developed our Affiliate software to manage all the major activities of your business i.e. Payment gateway, Downline Management, Schedule and meetings management and few others. Daani Software offers a free demo of its Affiliates too.

Lawyer Software

Our Lawyer or Advocate Software is the best suited for law firms. This software is very much user-friendly. You can maintain your daily dairy, printouts conversions and other related important features like Case Entry, Personal Information, Diary, Next Hearing Date Entry, Next Hearing Date Entry and Cases without Next date of Hearing, Case Stage Entry, Individual Case Details, All cases of a Client.

Education Software

This is the most demanding software services as it’s become pretty much difficult to manage your education centers if you don’t have proper Education software. Our software is enabled with the most advance features like admission, register, student information, Attendance and management and few others to manage your educations centers of any size.

Enterprise Software

Software for Enterprise is growing slowly so we have introduced our software with all the advance features to manage your business. Our software is pretty much simple to manage with all the advance features. Few of the listed features are Enterprise Asset Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer & Marketing Management, Human Capital Management, and Enterprise Performance Management.

Customize Software

Daani Software is very must used to be the first choice when it comes to a basic needs of its clients regarding the customize software. We are in custom software development since 2002 and had developed custom software for almost all types of industry.

Shopping Website

This era must be called as the era of Internet. There is a new business trend is growing that is used to called as online Shopping where people used to buy goods form online shopping websites. To have your own shopping website can boost your business to another level. Our Company can give you the right format of Online Shopping websites where you can manage your business successfully.

Website Designing services

Website designing is like “icing on the cake”. With an appealing and engaging website design one can easily draw clients’ attention and interest. Daani software offers a broad range of fine, salient, and professional website designing services. We commit professional website designing at affordable pricing for every organisation i.e., from small custom designed websites to highly advance online stores. You must business with our remarkably proficient team of website designers and developers to upsurge your company in the sphere.

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SEO Services

Search Engines are the most effective way to get your website remarked by customers. To get your company highlighted at the top of the search engine results acquire an SEO service from Daani software which can raise the company standards. Daani software provides SEO services at affordable packages, for better appearance of your company website so that commercial search engines (such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo) can focus company’s web page at the top.

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Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is giving tough competition to mobile apps and other technologies. It is becoming one of the most easy and successful ways of advertising and multiplying business. To let your business quash other businesses, practice a bulk SMS service. Daani software bulk SMS service is intended to generate consistent leads, promote products/services, etc. One can accomplish an ample range of SMS packages at a cost-effective percentage for a fruitful business.

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Mobile Apps

Nowadays, it has become possible to business through mobile app as it reduces time waste and is convenient and accessible from anywhere. One must have his own business app to be in continuous touch with the clients and prospects. Get your own mobile business app and succeed in the business world. Daani software frame, extend, and administer mobile application services that transform businesses with industry specific applications. For more specific needs, custom and up-to-date mobile apps can be designed for a chiseled competing perimeter.

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Web Space

A website without a web space will be like earth without sun. A company with such practice stands lowest in business world. You must have a well designed hosting server with an immeasurable web space to root your business. Daani software web services sets up an effective traffic on your website by providing the best web spacing services supported with excellent quality and cost-effective hosting packages to provide unlimited web space to our clients’ websites.

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Web server

A web server is an information technology that processes requests via http, the basic network protocol used to distribute information on the World Wide Web. A Web server is a program that uses the client/server model to serve files form Web pages to Web users. Daani software web services facilitate better ability to handle server-side programming, security characteristics, search engine, and site building tools. Get the excellent quality and cost-effective hosting packages from Daani for a powerful impact.

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Domain Registration Services

A non registered domain cannot stand and multiply its business, and is not stated authenticated. Having a personalised domain registration for your company can frame its originality and market reputation. Daani software employs in offering professional domain name registration services to our clients. Advance your business without disintegrating your budget by availing these services from us for a variety of domain names.

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ISO Certification Services

A non-certified company has less or no gravity in the industry as well as clients’ view. An appropriate work format establishes honor in the industry. Make your company certified from Daani software certification services and enjoy the benefits of ruling the market. Any organization wishes to improve its operational efficiency & keep clients happy can reach Daani for further particulars, anytime.

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Toll Free Number Services

A toll free numberless organization is like heart without beats. To thrive in a competitive business environment, organizations need to place customers at the top of their corporate strategy. Toll free numbers are not only customer-focussed but also a means for a better organization service. Get your company a reserved toll free number by Daani Toll free number services and attain the highest stand worldwide.



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